AI-ding Transformation: How AI Solutions Can Power Law Firms’ Shift to a Hybrid Future

Mike Raposa

Mike Raposa

September 23, 2021

Law firms are returning to a new grind. The bold, transformative actions they took during the pandemic will now face a different stress test: a hybrid business environment. The flexibility and responsiveness that their clients have got accustomed to will have to be recalibrated for the next normal. And this will have to be done with fewer resources. The good news? Doing more with less has got a lot easier.

The pandemic has catapulted the tech-shy legal industry into the tech age. And law firms, to their credit, have adapted beautifully to this disruption. Digital documents, videoconferences, e-signatures, and virtual assistants have become the norm even in the most traditional law firm. After digitization and virtualization, the next frontier of digital transformation for law firms is delivering superior efficiencies while retaining the much-valued human element.

How Can AI Help?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is having a real impact on the profitability of law firms, increasing productivity, lowering costs, and giving lawyers a better understanding of their clients. AI-infused collaboration, operational, and marketing solutions are proving extremely successful in helping firms hit their business targets, save costs, and deliver novel experiences; however, these solutions cannot replace human skills.

Technology and service providers to law firms recognize that their offerings deliver the best outcomes when they combine AI technology with human expertise. While the AI automates the non-critical tasks, the human element elevates tasks that require empathy, creativity, ethics, or judgment. This Machine and Human collaboration can help the firm present accurate documents, ensure 24/7 availability, and offer the familiarity of the human element, all of which are critical benefits in an always-on hybrid business environment.

AI + Expert-in-the-Loop = The Hybrid Future?

For law firms that are looking to successfully transition to hybrid models, RRD offers a range of AI-powered solutions that will enable them to meet their operational and business goals cost-effectively. Its range of creative, administrative, technology, and workflow management solutions blends relevant technologies and human expertise to elegantly resolve specific process and business-related challenges.

RRD’s AI solutions are developed specifically to help law firms become more agile and responsive to the needs of a hybrid workforce. Some of its most effective offerings include:

RRD CATCH: Helps the firm meet its operational goals with a suite of creative, administrative, technology solutions

RRD METRICS: Eliminates bottlenecks in workflows by offering full process visibility and data-backed work allocation and management

RRD Collab: Offers a wide range of markup functionalities to simplify ideation and collaboration

RRD RemediAd: Remediates PDFs at scale to make them compliant with the American Disabilities Act and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

Essentially, RRD’s Expert-in-the-Loop model makes it possible for law firms to do more and more with less and less.