Managing the Transition from Bricks to Clicks

Brian Troccoli

Brian Troccoli

February 26, 2021

The shift from brick and mortar retail to online shopping was, like most things in 2020, sudden and complete. The global lockdown changed how consumers shopped, where they shopped at, and what they shopped for. As for businesses, the overnight migration to digital prompted a rethink on the way they designed, marketed, and sold products.

Going into a post-COVID-19 world, brands will be looking to leverage technologies like 3D and AR/VR to merge both physical and online shopping channels for richer shopping experiences. These technologies will not only simulate in-store demos online but also augment it with the information needed to make smarter purchase decisions.

Data-driven Selling for Greater Efficiencies

With shoppers across demographics discovering the advantages of digital, businesses have the opportunity to use the data generated to offer deeply personalized customer experiences. Going forward, data will be central to all business operations since selling 24/7, through multiple channels, and to a diverse audience will require a level of insight into customer behavior that traditional retailers simply do not possess. Then there is the issue of scalability. The demand surge for goods and services at a time when in-house resources are shrinking is compelling companies to seek ways to amplify output without increasing effort or headcount.

While the technologies needed to drive a scalable, data-driven e-commerce business are abundant, the expertise required to harness their massive power is often lacking. The good news is that businesses do not need an in-house team or huge capital to deploy these solutions. They can easily achieve their customer experience goals by partnering with a transformation expert that can help them:

  • Understand customer needs
  • Manage existing and future business needs
  • Sell smart
  • Explore alternative business frameworks

Differentiated Experiences for a Disrupted Marketplace

A trusted partner to forward-looking companies, RRD leverages time-tested tools to transform market disruptions into business opportunities. Its highly scalable creative, administrative, technology solution, CATCH, creates efficiencies and strengthens brand connect by streamlining operations and delivering targeted content. It further drives customer engagement and loyalty through omni-channel communication, 24*7*365 support, and custom business and marketing solutions.

RRD’s global delivery networks and ability to integrate Big Data, AI, and immersive technologies into customer-focused solutions make it the ideal transformation partner. These specialized tools, when combined with customer knowledge, can help businesses achieve both short-term wins and long-term success in a digital-powered future.