Empowering the Healthcare Providers of the Future with Leading-edge Video Solutions

Elizabeth Clottin

Elizabeth Clottin

November 17, 2020

Patients no longer depend on healthcare providers to tell them how drugs impact their health in the long term. With access to accurate information just a click or tap away, patients are becoming increasingly involved in the decisions regarding their own healthcare. Digital solutions have, on the one hand, slightly shifted the balance of power from physicians to patients, and on the other, have relayed priceless information about patients’ preferences to providers.

Analytics-embedded digital solutions allow healthcare organizations to track end-user consumption of information and the ways in which they interact with the product. This information can be used effectively to develop newer treatment strategies as well as refine messaging so providers and pharma remain the main sources of trusted information regarding their products.

Drive Superior Engagement with Interactive Solutions

E-Learning solutions employing emerging technologies such as analytics, 3D, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR), and gamification help users retain knowledge by simulating real-life scenarios. By reducing their reliance on a trainer, healthcare organizations can eliminate weeks of delays in rolling out courses for clinical schedules. Moreover, as they operate in a heavily regulated industry, they need to ensure that their professionals like nurses, administrators, and social workers are continuously trained and e-learning provides them an affordable alternative to traditional methods. The costs saved on infrastructure, personnel, and logistics can be channeled towards patient services.

These advanced solutions for providers are also proving a game-changer in patient education. As the number of ‘online diagnosers’ increases, providers are feeling the pressure to take the most relevant and correct message to the market to prevent a backlash due to incorrect product-related information. The fleeting attention spans also mean that they will have to convey as much as possible in the shortest time, and through the most engaging media. As the benefits of personalized video marketing become increasingly obvious, companies are turning to moving images to build trust with their patients.

Personalized Solutions for Improved Practice

Healthcare providers need to make their content exciting, immersive, and dynamic to engage with a new generation of learners and patients. Solution experts like RRD GO Creative™, with its full spectrum of provider-centric e-Learning and marketing services, can help healthcare organizations build quality training programs. These solutions can simplify complex medical concepts for their staff, patients, and consumers who are looking to upskill, learn, or comply with training and educational requirements.

By integrating sales and marketing efforts into a concise digital story format, RRD GO Creative™ can influence the medical decisions of patients. Meanwhile, its easily consumable and user-friendly training solutions facilitate learning by combining creativity, information, and education. With its deep domain knowledge, RRD GO Creative™ can drive business performance and enhance the ease of practice for healthcare providers.