How 3D is Transforming Online Shopping in the Age of Web 3.0: Win with 3D

Manoj Paul

Manoj Paul

August 12, 2020

This post is the third in a three-part series.

A quick recap. The first two parts of this series covered on how 3D-services and solutions are helping companies adapt to the dynamics of consumer behavior and transforming shopping experiences leveraging web 3.0 standards.

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Transformative Experiences at Scale

Recognizing the need to step into the future of online retail, a global e-Commerce giant was looking for a creative service partner that could convert all its product images into 3D models with photo-realistic renderings. Its biggest challenge was finding a partner that had the capabilities and scale to handle the large volume of images to be converted into 3D assets.

Its search led it to RRD GO Creative, a leading provider of multi-channel creative services that delivers transformative customer experiences, reliably, and at scale. The interactive digital services from RRD GO Creative’s Communication Hotsuite, executed by a skilled team, was a perfect fit with the e-Commerce giant’s requirements.

RRD GO Creative™’s ‘build once, configure unlimited’ model not only ensured easy reproducibility of 3D images but also eliminated the recurring costs and long timelines associated with photography assignments.

Accelerated Business Advantage

The flawlessly executed and delivered 3D images resulted in a series of gains such as:

  • Consistent quality of product images across all merchant accounts and digital channels.
  • Superior product engagement through 360-degree product spins, interactive 3D experiences, which have led to higher conversion rates.
  • Fewer product returns.
  • Quick product upgrades without the need for photography and with consistent quality.
  • Substantial cost savings when compared to product photography.

Why RRD GO Creative™

With digital increasingly becoming the sales channel of choice, the need for converting product assets into 3D experiences is only going to rise. Digital has been a lifeline during the current crisis and is now transforming into the most important channel for marketing and selling products.

RRD GO Creative™ is an extensive, multi-channel creative services suite that provides clients all the tools needed to transform customer experiences. Its tailored, personalized services elevate brand narratives and drive engagements.

Unlike traditional agencies that restrict their focus to resource augmentation and specialized services, its 24*7*365 Digital Factory model offers a full-spectrum service portfolio. RRD GO Creative™ leverages its skills, technology, augmentation & creativity (STAC) model to redefine key result areas like turn-around-time, design quality, customer engagement, and ROI.

From high-end 3D services like product design, VFX, and architectural renderings to volume-based 2D to 3D conversions for the e-commerce market, RRD GO Creative™ has the capacity and capability to scale and deliver at optimal costs. With a full 3D pipeline, RRD GO Creative™ can consistently deliver high quality 3D renderings, animations and interactive experiences.

For more information on 3D services, visit RRD GO Creative.