How Can a Customer Operations Partner Help Utilities Stay Cost-competitive in a Price-regulated Market?

Aneesh Gopinathan Bay

Aneesh Gopinathan Bay

November 23, 2022

The utility sector provides critical infrastructure supporting all aspects of the economy. It is also intensively customer-centric. Yet, surprisingly, many of the operational functions are still susceptible to human error and are both time and labor-intensive. By infusing robotic process automation (RPA) solutions into routine business processes, utilities can streamline customer operations, reduce costs, and increase efficiency, making them highly profitable in a price-regulated market.

Operational Gains of Automation

Automation helps expedite repetitive business processes or time-critical workflows. It increases efficiency in data collection, extraction and analysis, report compilation, and risk detection while enabling faster decisions. It harnesses powerful tech like AI, natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning (ML) to handle routine tasks so employees can focus on core strategic tasks.

Some immediate gains of automation include:

  • Controlled Costs: New technology and analytical solutions help utilities address the rising costs of customer operations. According to Forbes, “Intelligent Automation typically results in cost savings of 40 percent to 75 percent, with the payback ranging from several months to several years.” Though the initial investment in RPA can be high, you can easily eliminate this roadblock by partnering with an external operations expert.
  • Improved Communication: Communication is critical to utilities since it is a customer-driven industry. Automation can simplify the swift collection of initial details from customers and transfer it to the team for prompt first-time solution, ensuring high customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Connected Data Environment: An end-to-end seamless solution for managing data and processes across your organizational network enables efficient, safe, and proactive operations. It allows you to collect, integrate, analyze, and share real-time operational data from different sources for instant and proactive decision making.

Enhancing Competitiveness with RRD GO Creative™

To ensure seamless, hassle-free solutions to customers, utilities need to transition from siloed solutions to enterprise-wide solutions. The easiest and most most-effective way to do this is to partner with a customer operations expert with the technology, resources, and experience needed to future-proof your business.

RRD GO Creative™ is an experienced transformation partner that has been consistently delivering exceptional customer operational solutions at scale to help utilities:

  • Augment customer experience
  • Expedite query resolution – Average 24 hours turnaround for direct customer contacts
  • Perform accurate billing
  • Ensure secure, compliant processing of sensitive information
  • Provide on-demand management information insight
  • Perform automated updating of account details
  • Deliver personalized communication on the channel of the customer's choice

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