How Intelligent Automation and AI can Help Utilities Achieve Scale

Jim Al

Jim Al

November 30, 2022

Traditionally a technology-shy sector, utilities tend to adopt a wait-and-watch approach to technology implementation. A study from the Capgemini Research Institute shows that only 17% of utility firms have deployed robotic use cases at scale, indicating massive sector-wide opportunities to improve operational efficiencies. As utilities increasingly realize the cost, workflow, time, and accuracy benefits of incorporating emerging tech like intelligent automation and AI, they are showing a greater willingness to embrace technology.

While automation enhances processes by accelerating them and ensuring timely and more accurate output, AI technology like machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), and chatbots can be excellent assistants to human experts to improve customer experience.

Scaling up Production with Intelligent Assets

By incorporating robotics process automation (RPA) into existing systems, utilities can free up their employees to handle core functions such as client-facing or more strategic tasks. Besides aiding in efficiency improvements and resource optimization, intelligent automation, in combination with AI, can help utilities:

  • Scale on Demand With automation, utilities can perform tasks faster, better, and for less. It allows utilities to expand or shrink capacity on demand, according to the needs of the business, so they can navigate seasonal peaks and troughs smoothly.
  • Adopt an Expert-in-the-Loop Model While automation is ideal for certain rote tasks, it can be inadequate for processes that require greater levels of precision. Human intervention is necessary to handle such exceptions. Connecting people to tech is key to scale up and achieve substantial ROI.
  • Efficient Record-Keeping A big bonus of automation is that all documentation can be centralized on an integrated platform. This makes it simpler to track down information and answer customer queries. An agile platform also helps in adopting wider process automation when scaling up business.

Becoming an Agile Business with RRD GO Creative™

Partnering with a transformation expert to automate processes for long-term value can help utilities pivot to a scalable business model. By engaging with experienced professionals, they can avoid expensive investments in technology and human resources while having a team on standby to handle any task rapidly and accurately. RRD GO Creative™, an experienced transformation partner, can align the customer's journey with the utility's through its suite of cutting-edge business solutions. We automate both routine and non-routine tasks to reduce process complexity and deliver custom solutions for all your business needs. Our smart work technologies, combined with human expertise, optimize your consumer touchpoints for superior customer engagement.

Our portfolio of customer-focused services include:

  • Operational Support Services: Managing business processes across industries through resilient operations
  • Brand and Customer Experiences: Transforming the utility from a customer service-centric to a customer experience-centric business
  • Intelligent Automation Services: Augmenting curated content by adding layers of interactivity, immersive experiences, and instructional design
  • Innovation-as-a-Service: Leveraging The_Loft@RRD, our innovation hub, to develop point solutions and support ecosystems

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