How to Address Evolving Utility Customer Expectations using Digital Solutions

Sajeev Nair

Sajeev Nair

November 16, 2022

The utility industry has been in a state of constant flux, navigating one major disruption after another. After digitalization and global warming, it is facing its toughest challenge yet – the rising tide of customer expectations of instant, personalized services, and the reduction of operational costs.

Customer Expectations Insights

The age of one-way engagement with customers is long over. To build lasting, meaningful relationships with customers in this environment, utilities need to ensure that:

  • Customer demand for differentiated service is met: Today’s customers are accustomed to best-in-class experiences and impeccable customer service from different brands in different industries. Utilities need to offer comparable levels of quality of service, customer engagement, and personalized experiences.
  • Customers receive seamless service: Utilities need to provide seamless experiences by creating omni-functional teams and processes as well as adopt a customer-first approach to service delivery.
  • Processes are digitalized with the help of an expert: Utilities need to make use of relevant technologies that best suit the needs of their customers. Mobile apps or text messages for real-time updates and connecting with customers are excellent engagement tools.

How Digital Solutions Can Enhance CX

Emerging technologies such as AI, machine learning, and IoT are finding increasing adoption among utilities that are making the transition to agile. Digital’s benefits stretch far beyond operational efficiencies. They can help utilities achieve:

  • Instant two-way communication: Utilities customers will be able to report outages or send instructions to stop or start service via a mobile device. At this stage of CX, the customer can complete a loop on any channel without calling anyone.
  • Improved response time: Digital solutions can expedite the process, leading to faster response and resolution, minimizing the impact on the customer.
  • Reduced Errors: Intelligent automation can reduce manual errors and processing time, while completing tasks faster. This can significantly improve first time right response and enhance C-SAT.
  • Personalized CX: Customers are keen that utilities should provide personalized information about their bills or usage, so they can achieve their financial and ecological goals. Granular data helps utilities offer customized product bundles.
  • Contactless Customer ops: Managing work orders and supply chains, while keeping customers updated is key to successful operations. Utilities can progressively automate repetitive, rote tasks such as data entry, billing inquiries, requests for duplicate bills, service addition/deletion, repair scheduling, account updates, and report generation.

The GO Creative™ Edge

RRD GO Creative™ aligns the customer's journey with the utility's through its suite of cutting-edge business and marketing solutions. We automate both routine and non-routine tasks to reduce process complexity and deliver individualized content and design for all your business needs. Our smart work technologies, combined with custom creative solutions, can transform your utility from a customer service-centric to a customer experience-centric business.

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