Suite of Solutions and Services



November 23, 2023

Cloud-Native Data Management

For all things data, we help brands unlock the right data to connect with the right customers at the right time. We build solutions that collect, standardize, stage, & enable data for activation, incorporating advanced ID resolution technology & proprietary data models.

With better assembly, unification and profiling of data, and a higher level of security and privacy, ensure a 360-degree view of all customer interactions that are most relevant and impactful.

  • Prospect & Marketing Databases
  • Snowflake Data Cloud/Customer Data Platforms
  • Data Cleansing & Identity Resolution
  • 3rd Party Data Sourcing/Appends/Targeting
  • Email Address Appends/Hygiene/Validation

Research & Customer Experience

Our dedicated team truly understands the “why” behind customer behavior. Utilizing our expertise, we offer Customer Journey Mapping, Consumer Research, Product Research, POS Research, & Market Research. Our strategic consulting practice develops insight-driven strategies to guide marketing initiatives that lead to maximizing customer engagement & improved marketing ROI.

Dedicated to truly understanding customers, products and markets, access qualitative and quantitative research to get a complete picture of your customer’s perspective that drives change and improves performance immediately.

  • Primary Market Research (Focus Groups, Surveys, Ethnography, Competitor Assessments)
  • Usability Testing (UX)
  • Card Sorting, Emotional Testing and Eye Tracking
  • Journey Mapping & Customer Experience Research (CX)

Advanced Analytics & Business Intelligence

As a leader in data analytics, our team supports all major analytic methodologies at an expert level, including Customer Segmentation, Predictive Analytics, Modeling, Attribution, and by delivering insight-driven solutions.

From databases and list procurement to cleansing and identity resolution, our data management solutions are the foundation to creating meaningful customer journeys.

  • Predictive Analytics across the Customer Lifecycle
  • Modeling
  • Customer & Market Segmentation
  • Contact Optimization Modeling
  • Machine Learning Workbench
  • Attribution & Measurement

Multi-Channel MKTG & Campaign Operations

Our campaign experts offer the structure for enabling & deploying successful multi-channel marketing campaigns. Leveraging best-in-class martech tools, we equip your team with the assets needed to achieve that next level.

Deploy and optimize multi-channel, targeted marketing campaigns from the RRD PD360 platform with the best of breed applications that support scale, personalization, and continuity.

  • Framework for Enabling & Deploying Marketing Campaigns (Email, Digital, Social, Direct Mail, etc.)
  • Best-in-Class Mar-tech Platforms (Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Adobe Campaign)
  • Marketing Strategy Optimization