The 'Fine' Print: How a Typesetting Expert Can Open up the Gateway to New Business Opportunities

Habeeb Ahmed Mayatti Syed

Habeeb Ahmed Mayatti Syed

November 24, 2022

Business documents are a window into your organization’s history, its achievements, and goals. As one of the most effective ways to enter new markets and assure potential investors, partners, and clients of your trustworthiness, low-quality documentation or unattractive design can be business killers.

The various ways in which typesetting errors can affect a brand include:

  • Credibility loss: Missed filings with the SEC due to errors in documents could potentially result in enforcement reviews and penalties, or an SEC comment letter, leading to loss of credibility.
  • Monetary loss: A typo can cause huge losses to organizations; a history-making example is when a missing comma and zeros in a lender’s lien changed $93 million to $93,000, causing a U.S. insurance company to lose the difference in 1978. Not just that, the cost of reprinting documents in case of errors is huge.
  • Opportunity loss: If you are unable to ship your documents to stakeholders on time due to delays caused by errors, it could mean possible missed investment opportunities and investors could interpret amended filings as a sign of trouble.

Having Checks in Place

An effective solution for reducing errors in documentation is to partner with experienced professional financial typesetters who will not only ensure benefits of scale, speed, security, and compliance, but also give you greater control over accuracy.

Proprietary software is a key differentiator in financial typesetting. It is used to generate documents, convert files from common formats, and edit and submit them to the SEC. An integrated suite of automated solutions ensures accuracy by:

  • Utilizing Blacklining software to track changes so clients can compare revisions
  • Enabling complex composition functionality for specialized financial typesetting
  • Automatic indexing
  • Using automation for pagination and compiling tables, lists, and images
  • Auto editing for error-free copy
  • Simplifying the review process by using smart markup tools to collaborate in real-time

Adding a couple of stringent pre-press and proofing processes can significantly transform your financial documents. Some steps that typesetters can include in their workflows are:

  • Instilling a 'Quality First' mindset in their employees
  • Conducting regular audits
  • Hiring professionnal proofreaders

When your company’s revenue, efficiency, and brand image are on the line, it makes complete sense to take every measure possible to ensure precision in your financial documents. Make a forward-looking decision today and seek the help of document specialists who will implement modern technology to mitigate gaps in the editing process.

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