Thriving in an Uncertain Real Estate Market with Integrated Financial Management Services

Brian Troccoli

Brian Troccoli

June 11, 2021

Macro trends like Brexit, a fluctuating global economy, regulatory changes, and rising shorelines are constantly impacting the real estate investment trust (REIT) market. The latest salvos fired by the global pandemic and the turbocharged virtualization of business and social spaces have done more than any other event in recent history to disrupt the market. As it becomes evident that REITs can no longer go back to business as usual, they are preparing to operate in an ecosystem that supports greater flexibility, efficiency, and above all else, business continuity.

REIT processes have their own complex challenges, and the tailwinds are stronger now that these processes have to be performed in a remote working environment. To stay ahead of these market trends, they have been deploying PropTech across the REIT lifecycle to stitch together fragmented processes and disconnected applications. An essential enabler of this push towards improved collaboration and agility is integrated financial management services. A financial services partner experienced in dealing with the vagaries of the market can be invaluable in helping REITs navigate uncharted water.

Holistic Financial Management Services for Never-before Efficiencies

Hybrid work environments are shining a spotlight on financial management service providers that can lower the administrative, economic, and resource burdens on REITs. These experts have the technologies and business intelligence to customize solutions to the specific needs of the client. With their state-of-the-art automation solutions and global resources, they can not only offer scalability on demand but also the insights required to transform the REIT into an all-season market player.

Besides collaborative technologies and a highly interconnected service ecosystem, financial management partners can mitigate the thorny compliance challenges inherent in remote operations. Such solid business support can drive greater digitization, productivity, and customer focus to help the REIT quickly harness the opportunities presented by a changing landscape.

Unlocking Business Opportunities with Integrated Support

To enable realtors, investors, and other REIT stakeholders to make smarter investment decisions, RRD offers an exclusive range of financial reporting and insights services. These services simplify and streamline financial reporting as well as present relevant data so the client can assess risks and market trends before developing its growth strategy.

RRD can potentially make REITs disruption-proof by allowing them to leverage industry-best infrastructure and a diverse talent pool. It offers deep customization so every single process, solution, and service can be tailored to the client’s unique needs. Through technology-enabled solutions across financial reporting, executive summary reports, dashboards, and data analytics, RRD delivers the right information via the right channel so that the client can turn industry challenges into competitive advantages.