RRD has been a partner with CRC Group for several years. When I say partner, I really mean a part of the team. In today’s world, it doesn’t matter where you work. It doesn’t matter the distance or if everyone is in the same location. I have found that over the years that our teammates at RRD work very well with our teammates all over the world.

RRD has been providing Insurance Support Services with hundreds of highly skilled and dedicated individuals. I personally have worked with specialized teams at RRD that have created custom designed solutions for many of our processes. RRD has helped us with our tremendous growth and M&A activity over the years with great success.

Whether insurance support or the many administrative support projects they have helped my teams complete, we have realized great success and FTE savings.

Our processes improved and we gained efficiencies through unique and creative programs like the Virtual Admin, the Surplus Lines RRD teams and client on-boarding teams.

It is a great experience to see the way the teams have worked together, have grown together and have shared their successes. I look forward to many more successful years.

Jack Elliott
Chief Administrative Officer, CRC

CRC Group Wholesale & Specialty