50% time savings through expert remediation of healthcare enrollment kits

JANUARY 28, 2022

Key Challenges

A healthcare insurance industry leader was struggling to make its annual enrollment kits compliant with ADA regulations within a short timeframe. As only manual remediation was possible, the process was time-intensive.

The GO Creative™ Solution

The remediation team at RRD GO Creative™ first analyzed the files to identify the causes of reverse text and remediation errors. It then employed our Expert-in-the-Loop model by combining manual resources and technology to perform character encoding and eliminate reverse text issues post remediation.

Outcomes Achieved

The client could comply with ADA standards within the stipulated timeframe as well as achieve:

  • 50% projected time saving by using our AI driven tool (RemediAd) instead of tagging the documents manually.
  • Access to easy-to-use kits
  • Superior customer experience
  • Greater inclusion