24*7 Support and Streamlined Brand Asset Management to Deliver End-to-End Support & Scalability to 1.4 Bn Global Accounts

January 28, 2022

Key Challenges

A Fortune 500 fintech company with more than a billion global accounts was facing logjams in its marketing material development process. It was seeking a digital solutions partner to help it streamline the process as well as improve the quality and effectiveness of its creative collateral.

In addition to delivering high volumes of specialized creative content, the partner had to:

  • Reduce the number of touchpoints to ensure optimum adherence to brand guidelines
  • Help it meet stringent speed-to-market timelines
  • Offer round-the-clock services so it may smoothly address the needs of a global customer base

The Solution

Drawing on its technology-driven creative services and rich domain experience, RRD GO Creative™ introduced an end-to-end brand and asset management process to provide the client with easy access to all brand assets. It followed this up with a stringent QC process, which not only saved time but also ensured greater brand control and consistency across all materials. Significantly, RRD GO Creative™ adopted a 24/7/365 Digital Factory approach to service delivery so the client could gain an edge in the era of ‘always-on’.

Outcomes Achieved

RRD’s full-spectrum services ensured complete process transparency and brand compliance across communication channels. Once implemented, our Digital Factory helped the client achieve:

  • 30% increase in the overall response rate
  • Adherence with aggressive marketing communication timelines
  • Delivery of superior, brand-compliant, and highly engaging collateral across service lines