A Big 4 Accounting Firm Chooses RRD GO Creative™ as a One-Stop Shop for Creating Client-Facing Marketing Collateral and End-To-End Document Publishing Support

January 1, 2022

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Key Challenges

A multinational professional services network, a Big-4 Accounting Firm, with operations in 150+ global locations with 230,000+ professionals. The client provides services under four major verticals – Audit & Assurance, Tax & Legal, Advisory, and Private Enterprise. The client relied on multiple vendors for their document, editorial, design, creative, presentation, web, and video production services. Managing multiple service channels was labor-intensive, time-consuming, expensive, and inefficient.

RRD GO Creative™’s Solution

RRD strategized a business model with an apt resource mix, top-end technology, and state-of-the-art information security infrastructure, redefining vendor partnership. A dedicated Center of Excellence was established to cater to new technology requirements in infographics, animation, presentations, motion graphics, video, web, and AI products. Standardized PowerPoint templates and RRD Automation Solutions were deployed for financial statements and internal e-mail communications in the client premise. An express service model was established for quick solutions to audit clients. A 'Knowledge Center' was created for all production-related queries. Recurring innovation workshops were set up in line with the client’s current market trends, new applications, alternate solutions, etc. Deployed the RRD Metrics 2.0, a proprietary state-of-the-art, robust, fully secure, intelligent and flexible workflow tool customized to client's preference. RRD Metrics 2.0 unified communication, document sharing, queue monitoring, reports generation, and feedback submission and provided transparency in workflow between all client offices and RRD's offshore center.

Outcomes Achieved

  • A 15% improvement in the client’s time to market
  • $7 Million positive impact on client’s bottom line annually from the first year of partnership
  • Partnership with RRD for the past 20 successful years has given the client a competitive edge – savings, turnaround, one-stop-shop for 10 different service verticals, sustainability and scalability annually from the first year of partnership
  • RRD delivers more than 100,000+ projects a year, grossing over 200,000+ hours across all service lines