Secure, seamless, compliant, and timely delivery of presentations across 16+ time zones with record productivity, cost savings, and improved quality

January 1, 2022

Key Challenge

A Big-Three global consulting firm had a persistent challenge with servicing clients 24x7 across 16+ time zones while adhering to security and compliance standards. The demand for creatives in foreign languages increased expenditures and the need for creative assistance, specifically end-to-end presentation and document support.

The GO Creative™ Solution

Our presentation services team adopted a phased approach to decreasing the turnaround times with macro-based tools. It offered 24x7 access to the global production mailbox for a global consultant user base of 15,600; this included setting up a dedicated team in various geographical locations to ensure business continuity and easy workload management without discrepancies.

Outcomes Achieved

With assistance from teams in multiple locations and a 400+-member presentation team, the client achieved:

  • Shorter timelines
  • Significant cost savings and improved quality as the team clocked an average of 30,000+ hours every month
  • Seamless and real-time client communication, file sharing, monitoring, feedback and workflow using Metrics 2.0 by RRD