22% average improvement in turnaround times with global support for creative presentations for clients in 120 countries

January 1, 2022

Key Challenge

One of the top 10 law firms in the US with clientele in more than 120 countries was facing challenges delivering documents and presentations (creative and communication) on time due to clientele expansion. The firm needed end-to-end support with creative solutions, 24x7 service coverage, and hybrid work models to manage projects across various time zones.

The GO Creative™ Solution

The RRD GO Creative™ presentation services team collaborated with the document services team to create a designated resource pool to deliver various project bundles including:

  • Presentation services: Template conversion, concept slide creation, and amendments to internal-facing presentations
  • Creative design services: 45 graphic designers and production artists to create client-facing branding and communication collateral
  • Content management & coding services: Trained resources assisting the client with website content management and HTML coding for factsheet updates, news, and announcements
  • Time entry resource pool and transcription services

Outcomes Achieved

The collaboration between the teams resulted in:

  • 22% average improvement in the turnaround times
  • 90% cost savings with document support, time entry, and content management
  • 75% savings in presentation, design, and web content management services
  • Reduced logjams and streamlined peak periods with a scalable resource structure