Automation Eliminates the Need for Manual Checks on 80% of Defects in Zero Tolerance Zones

Key Challenges

A global marketing and communications company was struggling with quality issues inherent in manual typesetting processes. The production and quality check tasks were tedious, time-consuming, and effort-intensive. As the team did not require resources with high technical skills, it lacked the knowledge needed to identify opportunities for automation.

The GO Creative™ Solution

RRD GO Creative™ provided training to employees in teams that required skills in creating simple macros and dashboards. These automation training programs covered the fields of data sciences, Power BI, data studio, Wings, and Superscripts. Following the training, employees were able to:

  • Create macros to highlight errors that can potentially lead to filling suspension
  • Automate verification on critical job elements for the clients, thereby reducing quality issues
  • Create macros to pull system configuration details covering 6,000+ workstations in less than a minute with 100% accuracy
  • Identify processes that could be enhanced with automation
  • Create dashboards for senior leadership and client reviews

Outcomes Achieved

The use of automation helped the client:

  • Eliminate the need for manual checks on 80% of defects in zero tolerance zones
  • Deliver high-quality documents without missing deadlines
  • Adopt a tech-forward mindset