Timely, Data-backed Feedback Mechanism Established through a Combination of Process Reengineering and Automation

Key Challenges

A leading business service provider had to find new, interactive ways to adapt feedback practices to a hybrid environment during the pandemic. Although digital platforms were available, the holistic feedback mechanism had to be structured appropriately to ensure delivery of feedback on current performance and gaps, data capture in terms of meeting schedules, and employee acknowledgment. A system-driven approach was required to fulfill the controlled review feedback mechanism to work effectively online.

Some of the main pain points in the existing setup included:

  • Manual collation of employee’s monthly production report
  • Getting the employee’s signature on the production report (Gforms), obtaining employee confirmation via Google Chat, and taking the screenshot of the chat
  • Low compliance with the monthly connects

The GO Creative™ Solution

Following a thorough study of the processes, the financial print team initiated a series of changes:

  • Placed the controlled review feedback mechanism in a single portal to simplify connectedness with all managers
  • Automated manual processes such as sending the production report to the employees, scheduling manager-employee meetings, and tracking the entire workflow
  • Automated the employees’ acknowledgment and the escalation status updates
  • Automated data capturing and data backup mechanisms

Outcomes Achieved

The transformation yielded multiple benefits for the client.

Process Reengineering Outcomes

  • Granular visibility into the feedback mechanism, including the stages of sending the PSC to the employees, review completed status by the managers, employee acknowledgment & escalation via mail notifications, and data capturing
  • Greater transparency regarding individual performance, as they would be provided with performance data on a monthly basis
  • Reduced NVA administrative work for managers

Automation Outcomes

  • Compliance with connects through automated scheduling of monthly connects
  • Automated email alert to employee regarding the availability of production reports
  • Automatic follow up mail notifications regarding the 1-2-1 Connect to the managers and their respective employees
  • Weekly status updates to L7 managers regarding the 1-2-1 review completed/pending status report
  • Flexibility to add the manager/employee names, production report data in the respective master sheet/production report sheet; the same will be reflected in the 1-2-1 Connect portal