237 Hours Saved on a Routine Typesetting Task Using an Automated Point Solution

Key Challenge

A leading global risk and compliance solutions company was about to turn back 64 jobs from its client as the requested style would require 21,600 manual interference across the job family. The client lacked the capacity to perform this task within the stipulated time.

The GO Creative™ Solution

The typesetting and composition team, in partnership with other internal teams, developed an automation solution within eight hours that allowed the client to accept the work and delight its client. The solution automatically added dot leaders for all numeric columns, eliminating the need for tedious, time-consuming manual interventions.

Outcomes Achieved

The automation tool allowed RRD to process 64 jobs over a single weekend and helped the client achieve:

  • 100% deadline compliance
  • 237 hours in time savings
  • Greater agility and an ability to provide solutions
  • Increased customer satisfaction