Harnessing Usability Testing to Simplify UX and Heighten Clickability in Mobile App

October 24, 2023

Key Challenges

A healthcare provider wanted to thoroughly test their new mobile application during the development phase and gain constructive customer feedback on its effectiveness before the go-to-market launch.

The Precision Dialogue Solution

The Precision Dialogue team collaborated with the client’s team to understand the requirement and conducted usability testing to ensure a successful launch. We identified 12 current and past patients and asked them to use the app to perform multi-step tasks like locating a new primary physician nearby and scheduling an appointment. Once the testing was complete, we analyzed the results and recommended the following changes to simplify the user experience and increase the app’s perceived clickability:

  • Removing underutilized app features
  • Streamlining the process of searching for a doctor or location
  • Improving the design and visibility of icons and calls-to-action

Outcomes Achieved

Three months after the client implemented the recommendations, they achieved:

  • Increase in app downloads by 208% over the client’s initial goal
  • 14% higher app retention on iOS than the marketplace average
  • Identification of top app activities: appointment schedule scans, location searches, and the number of providers found