On-demand Virtual Admins Accurately Process 500% More Document Volumes

January 28, 2022

Key Challenges

A Big 4 accounting firm that operates in more than 146 countries and has 227,000 professionals required a business solution partner to help them address bulk requests from different internal units with short turnaround times. Besides, most requests involved document processing of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files, which required specialized skills.

RRD GO Creative™’s Solution

RRD GO Creative™ brought into play its highly scalable resource structure to meet the client’s demands, facilitating smooth and successful peak seasons. It initially trained a 6-member batch of virtual admins in the client’s processes, and then a second batch when the volumes continued to rise. The team was empowered to manage communications directly with the requestors and perform additional tasks such as travel arrangements, invoice preparations, and business cards. Eventually, the team increased in size to 15 admins and had the added responsibility of coordinating jobs for both client and RRD teams while supporting the client during its day and overnight hours.

Outcomes Achieved

RRD GO Creative™ aimed to provide skilled, always-on virtual admin support at scale by leveraging its Creative Administrative Technology Concierge Hub (CATCH).

CATCH enabled the client to scale without incurring significant additional costs so it could:

  • Support more than 4,000 executives/knowledge workers
  • Process 500% more volume than at the start of the engagement
  • Achieve 100% timely delivery of work and quality
  • Expand its Advisory Manager Resource Center platform
  • Broaden support coverage, resulting in faster turnaround times on end-user deliverables