Microautomation Helps Reduce Blackout Period by 40%

January 1, 2022

Key Challenge

A major retirement savings provider was finding it difficult to offer the desired levels of customer experience due to a 5-day blackout period when loading transfer plans. Our client needed an experienced transformation partner that could help quickly automate processes for improved efficiencies.

The Solution

The RRD Retirement team initiated a simple and effective 3-step process:

  • Identified labor-intensive steps in processes and marked them for automation opportunities
  • Converted hard copy files into a system-readable format using OCR
  • Automated data upload and processing in the client’s proprietary system

Outcomes Achieved

With 70+ microautomations to convert all data into a system-readable format, the client was able to achieve:

  • 40% reduction in the blackout period
  • Superior customer experience due to accelerated access