Utility ramps up to 72% correspondence volume coverage in 4 months by combining human expertise and automation

Key Challenge

A leading utility company that provides water to approximately 1 million households was looking for business process support to efficiently manage its billing and customer correspondence. A complex CRM system and the application of multiple standalone platforms to derive the data made it difficult for them to handle its annual volume of 750,000+ correspondences, leading to constant backlogs and resultant penalties.

The GO Creative™ Solution

Our business process transformation team immediately set up a 20-member proof of concept team with a 4-week extensive training program on processes. We developed an in-house platform to organize, review, and triage correspondence to different process queues. Within 4 months, operations were scaled by 140 FTEs managing up to 72% of daily volume. Currently, 85 FTEs manage general correspondence and affordability correspondence.

In addition, we helped:

  • Develop in-house SMEs to support complex transaction processing
  • Automated move in and payment scheme set-up using RPA

Outcomes Achieved

Our combination of trained professionals and automated solutions resulted in:

  • A ramp up in volume coverage from 20% to 72% in 4 months
  • 60% reduction in customer correspondence turnaround time
  • Easier control and access by having the content in a centralized location
  • Up-to-date MIS
  • Adherence to BS6000 quality standards