Streamlining Campaign Management Process for Higher-Value Strategies

October 19, 2023

Key Challenges

A national retail cooperative had multiple business units with varied email marketing objectives. As a result, they found it a challenge to coordinate personalized marketing across categories to increase customer impressions. The task was to disseminate a staggering 23 million emails annually to 2.5 million recipients. Since this was difficult to manage with in-house resources, they looked for a strategic partner that would help streamline this process. The client sought assistance in leveraging the Adobe Campaign tool to reduce email volumes and increase open rates.

The Precision Dialogue Solution

The Precision Dialogue team worked with the client to migrate data from several sources like loyalty programs, historical responses, and e-commerce system feeds into the Adobe Campaign tool to build the first customer profile. We also managed several critical activities such as setting up templates to reduce production time and improve targeting, establishing efficient campaign workflows, and training staff. The team helped create seven campaigns and provided interim campaign management while the client came up to speed.

Outcomes Achieved

The new campaign management process allowed the marketing associates to independently execute campaigns, reducing administrative time and supporting value-add strategic activities. Armed with an improved understanding of customers, the client could run efficient campaigns with Adobe Campaign and provide customers with increasingly relevant and targeted experiences.

We helped the client achieve:

  • 163% increase in open rate
  • 20% reduction in campaign cycle time
  • One full-circle customer view