A leading insurance provider triples its application processing capability using RPA

Key Challenges

A major US-based insurance service carrier received hundreds of applications every day. However, its traditional methods of document processing resulted in manual errors and delays, inevitably interrupting customer coverage. The variations in form types among the various states in the US further complicated the process, compelling the client to seek a business process optimization partner.

The GO Creative™ Solution

The Intelligent Automation Solutions team at RRD GO Creative™ employed end-to-end processing automation using RPA to enable application triaging, extraction, and updates to the downstream application. The team also developed a user-friendly interface that would seamlessly have an expert in the automation solution.

Outcomes Achieved

The team’s tech-led process optimization efforts helped the client achieve:

  • 3.87X increased throughput
  • 29% reduction in average handle time
  • Uninterrupted coverage
  • Improved customer experience

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