Utilizing Email Fatigue Analysis to Identify Lost Revenue and Improve Customer Engagement

October 11, 2023

Key Challenge

An international B2C retailer encountered a roadblock with their email marketing strategy. Since the email stream was managed by multiple departments, customers received an overload of emails, resulting in a negative impact on customer experience and a dip in sales. The company wanted to measure the impact of this non-optimal email program. This would help them gain a comprehensive view of customer contact frequency and potential loss in future revenue.

The Precision Dialogue Solution

The Precision Dialogue team collaborated with the client to analyze the challenge. We recommended an email fatigue analysis to quantify the correlations between email frequency and fatigue and determine the impact of over-contacting. We conducted the fatigue analysis through a four-step process that included:

  • Recognizing that the current customer base is already a reflection of the contact stream
  • Reviewing the value differences between positively engaged customers and other segments
  • Understanding the relationships between contact frequency and sales, frequency and engagement, and frequency and opt-outs/unsubscribes
  • Summarizing the revenue gap

Outcomes Achieved

Our comprehensive fatigue analysis helped the client:

  • Identify lost revenue as a result of over-contacting customers
  • Reduce email unsubscribes by 40%
  • Recognize the potential for a 5% revenue increase