Create multi-dimensional 3D, interactive and immersive brand experiences when customers engage with your brand

Engaging deeply with customers can be an uphill battle when marketing trends change frequently and they switch rapidly between brands and channels. Further, accelerated digital transformation and direct-to-customer marketing in the post-Covid scenario has transformed customer experiences and the marketing landscape across industries. Brands want to constantly innovate in ways they haven’t before to deliver exciting, new experiences to keep up with the evolving and digitally savvy customers.

RRD GO Creative™ can help you deliver fresh experiences for your customers with 3D designs that are immersive, interactive and detailed. Our range of 3D solutions will not just improve product experiences, it will help brands like yours create life-like product experiences online that are close to what customers have in your store. Even beyond that, we can help create digital twins - virtual representation of your real-world product or asset, with the benefit of continuous, real-time data from the asset continuously - and design for the Metaverse by creating 3D assets at scale.

Get in touch with us now to find out how our multimodal solutions can enhance the relevance of your brand in the CX space, and create long-term cost efficiencies for your business.

Service Portfolio

From high-end 3D services like product design, VFX, and architectural renderings to volume-based 2D to 3D conversions for the e-commerce market, we have the capacity and capability to scale and deliver outstanding quality work in:
3D Modeling & Rendering
3D models from sketches, artworks, CAD files etc., and render them as photo-realistic, low polygon or in stylised form
3D Animation
3D animation for videos, VR/Metaverse experiences
Interactive & Personalized 3D
3D with hotspots that users interact with to access more rich media content. Personalization that allows users to configure a product for a unique brand experience

Customer Outcomes

Enter a multidimensional gateway to offer your products and services with RRD GO Creative’s™ 3D solutions that deliver new, intuitive, and interactive customer experiences. By ensuring expedited development, shorter time-to-market, reduced costs, and a simple supply chain, our 3D solutions can power any business. Our end-to-end 3D platform entirely transform your business by providing:
Higher efficiencies

Get consistent, high-quality production output across a range of products, quick turnaround times and low costs

Optimized site visits and training

Eliminate the need for travel and logistics by simulating tours of facilities or locations

Deeper product experiences

Reveal the nuances of a product design with high-impact exploded views

Custom configurations

Customize a product with different parts, materials, and colors in the convenience of your home

Scale as needed

Produce 3D assets at scale for quickly for any type of industry that also requires speed and accuracy like ecommerce, product manufacturing, industrial engineering, or real estate


Use our high impact 3D solutions to speed up decision-making by customers.

RRD 3D Solutions

Engage. Transform. Accelerate.

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“3D today plays a key role in creating data-rich immersive experiences, where customers can interact with digital twins of products, compare information, and configure them. These interactions, in turn, allow brands to track customer behavior, collect insights, and use it to enhance the overall customer experience.”

- Manoj Paul, Chief Creative Alchemist

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What is 3D design and how does it work?

3D design is the creation of an object or living thing in three dimensions with specialized software by manipulating edges, vertices, and polygons in a simulated 3D space. Three dimensional or 3D models represent a physical body using a collection of points in that 3D space, connected by various geometric entities such as triangles, lines, curved surfaces, etc. Surfaces may be defined further with texture mapping.

What is the purpose of 3D designs?

Modern 3D modeling provides consumers with a level of design depth that rough sketches or 2D designs or flat images cannot. Three-dimensional objects can show details such as texture, color and light impact on them in a controlled manner. 3D design lets consumers, architects, engineers and even students explore the physical aspects of an object, design or environment without surrendering to the physical limitations and having an immersive experience.

What is the benefit for companies in using 3D designs?

3D designs have several benefits for companies across all industries like retail, real estate, industrial design, ecommerce, engineering, pharma and life sciences, etc. For companies, the biggest benefit is being able to present accurate visualization of their products and offerings to customers. 3D designs enhance the user’s experience of a product, design or environment immediately. The viewer’s opinion, understanding, and acceptance or rejection can happen in seconds within a 3D environment online. 3D design can also be very beneficial for companies manufacturing heavy machinery that cost time and money and have no room for errors. By building prototypes prior to actual production, companies can save time, money, get faster approvals, and reduce room for production setbacks later.