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We're Precision Dialogue.

As the trusted marketing services partner of choice by global brands, we optimize customer engagement through highly relevant, insight-driven marketing interactions backed by data, analytics and technology, leading to improved Marketing ROI.

We help companies elevate the power of their brands through data-driven personalization and by creating seamless omnichannel customer experiences. Leverage our Modern Marketing Data Stack, PD360 Powered by Snowflake, to compose a data platform that resolves identity, unifies fragmented data and enables immediate analysis and activation across channels, delivering unique individualized experiences in an always-on, secure and future-ready environment.


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PD360 - The Composable Data Platform

We’re different from other providers who offer packaged CDP solutions. We simplify data management by designing robust, flexible and composable solutions that easily integrate, unify, enrich and activate your data- on your terms.

Choose the best of breed applications that meet your requirements, saving time and money. With PD360, you can personalize campaigns, increase sales and ROAS, reduce churns, optimize up-sell/cross-sell opportunities, and create unique omnichannel experiences.

What does a seamless omnichannel experience driven by data and supported by automation look like?

A unique and unified customer experience by recomposing data from multiple sources.

How do you build a seamless omnichannel experience?

Customer Outcomes for Centralized Marketing Stack

Marketers who have adopted a single, centralized marketing data stack can achieve at least two significant benefits:

The best tools for each task

Choose the technology applications that address your specific needs rather than relying on one-size-fits-all platforms which may not offer the right suite of solutions. You can build your own marketing stack on a modern cloud data platform.

Unified data

With a modern cloud data platform as the foundation of the Modern Marketing Data Stack, marketers can experience near-unlimited scale, performance, and flexibility when storing, integrating, analyzing, and sharing datasets of any volume, format, or velocity. It can also unlock all sorts of collaboration internally and externally, providing organizations with a far more open ecosystem of potential data partners, data service providers, tools, and applications.

Precision Dialogue’s Data-Driven Marketing Solutions

Your marketing strategy is unique, and so is your data. So should be the experiences of your customers. Work with us to know how you can leverage the omnichannel and data simultaneously to drive growth and increase customer engagement.

Cloud-Native Data Management
Cloud-Native Data Management
  • Data Management/Identity Resolution/Customer 360
  • Data Sourcing, Cleansing & Enrichment
  • B2B & B2C Lead Generation & Intelligence
Multi-Channel Marketing & Campaign Operations
Multi-Channel Marketing & Campaign Operations
  • Strategy & Optimization
  • Digital Marketing Management
  • Global Campaign Management & Operations
  • Platform & API Implementation & Integration
Research & Customer Experience
Research & Customer Experience
  • Primary Market Research
  • Customer & User Experience
  • Journey Mapping & CX Research
Advanced Analytics & Business Intelligence Reporting
Advanced Analytics & Business Intelligence Reporting
  • Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning and AI across Customer Lifecycle
  • Attribution and Reporting
  • Search Engine Optimization for Marketing Content
  • Google/Social Media Analytics & Reporting
  • Data Visualization



Want to know more? Get it touch for a free consultation to overcome the barriers of legacy systems and fragmented data sources.

Martech Partnerships

Our partnerships become your advantage. As a full-service digital marketing solutions provider, we drive maximum value for your investment in:

Salesforce Partner
Adobe Silver Solution Partner
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“With the continual challenges of trying to do more with less resources and reduced budgets, it becomes increasingly important to optimize efforts across all marketing functions. Whether its process inefficiencies and lack of automation or reliance on other constrained resources or teams, you need a trusted partner who can step in and help. Over 80% of the fortune 500 can trust us, and we hope you can as well!”

- Lisa Zizas, Vice President, Business Development

Client Success Stories & Testimonials


Seamless Customer Experiences: The Growth Hack or Impact Trail?

Seamless Customer Experiences: The Growth Hack or Impact Trail?

Scott Bell - October 13, 2023

Driving Personalization with Digital Footprints at Scale

Driving Personalization with Digital Footprints at Scale

Lisa Zizas - October 20, 2023

Using AI To Go Beyond Conventional Engagement Strategies

Using AI To Go Beyond Conventional Engagement Strategies

Greg Rentsch - October 25, 2023



What are your capabilities around customer data platforms?

We offer a composable CDP solution leveraging a modern tech stack that delivers flexibility and scalability based on each customer's specific requirements. Our solutions are built within the robust Snowflake platform. This approach means that brands don't have to predefine use cases prior to designing a CDP solution. All the data is managed within Snowflake and incorporates Identity Resolution along with options for Segmentation and Orchestration tools that enable marketing automation and speed to market.

How can Precision Dialogue help improve customer acquisition and retention?

We offer a variety of solutions for optimizing our clients' acquisition and retention strategies. Our predictive modeling solutions are designed to identify and target prospects that are most likely to engage with your brand. We also leverage predictive intelligence to inform product recommendations, channel utilization, messaging and offers. We continuously monitor campaign results to ensure that our predictive models are accurate, stable, and producing the desired lift over time and repeated use.

How can Precision Dialogue help improve campaign operations?

With a combined view of the brand experience, campaign objectives and execution requirements, we manage and deploy successful omnichannel campaigns on behalf of our clients that offer big returns. We maintain active partnerships with leading marketing technology platforms like Salesforce and Adobe. We utilize these partnerships to bring marketing technology expertise, services, and executional support to clients based on their preferred vendor set. We support one-time projects or ongoing programs and offer flexible support models.

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