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The efficiency of doing business has become a valuable differentiator, especially for organizations with a wide geographic footprint. Traditional manual systems that were adequate a decade ago will soon become obsolete, and at present, they are real hurdles to efficiency. To improve business outcomes and customer stickiness, global companies are opting for a strong ecosystem of tech-savvy process expertise that allows focus on core tasks while taking away the pain of manual processing.

RRD GO Creative™ Insurance Services’ multipronged approach to process transformation for insurance agents, distributors, providers and customers, re-energizes the business with enhanced process efficiency and customer experience. Our shared services, along with custom process reengineering, automation, and predictive modeling solutions, will help you optimize functions for superior scalability, transparency, and planning. We also provide additional support to operations through consulting, analytics, data visualization, staff augmentation, and RPA/IPA. Fill out the contact form now to get a call back from our experts.


Check out RRD GO Creative™’s automated solution that helps P&C insurance underwriters improve the efficiency and accuracy of their catastrophe modeling.

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“Speed, efficiency, profitability, quality - the requirements from the Insurance Industry of the Future are many. However, all of these are irrelevant without great Customer Experience and deep relationship building. The responsibility of providing great customer experience starts at the CXO level but eventually it rests with every employee across each function of the organization. It takes a village to build strong relationships with customers though it takes only one instance of poor service to break it. The effectiveness of support teams is paramount in maintaining deep relationships as well as delivering the great experience that customers demand. And, that could make all the difference to business profitability.”

- Arun Prasad Varma, Vice President – Insurance Services

Client Success Stories & Testimonials

Client Testimonials


AI-Driven Voice Assistant Delivery Solutions for Insurance Underwriters

AI-Driven Voice Assistant Delivery Solutions for Insurance Underwriters

Sankar Subramaniyam - September 14, 2022

Underwriters Retiring: Bane or Boon?

Underwriters Retiring: Bane or Boon?

Sharon Payyappilly - August 25, 2022

Encouraging Standardization within the Insurance Stakeholders

Encouraging Standardization within the Insurance Stakeholders

Subin Kumar B S - September 15, 2022

How to Transform Your Insurance Business with Expert Support

How to Transform Your Insurance Business with Expert Support

Arun Prasad Varma - September 15, 2022



What are the two most important things to look for in an outsourced insurance service provider?

First, the level of experience of the provider is critical to a collaborative and successful engagement, which comes with domain expertise and a deep understanding of the trends and the marketplace. Second, the type of process controls the outsourcing partner has in place where the service provider must possess certifications such as ISO/IEC 27001 , ISO 22301, ISO 9001, etc. that ensure it is following the most stringent checks with regards to information security, business continuity, and quality management.

How relevant is business transformation in insurance operations?

As the global pandemic showed us, business transformation is as relevant to insurance operations as it is to nearly every kind of business today. For example, a transformation action involving the transition of services to a new global outsourcing team - including contractual clauses that mandate the change - makes the journey faster and more effective. As compared to legacy teams that are used to the traditional system of work, the newly assigned team would have a higher acceptance of changes, and it would be invested in the continued success of their client for the future of the engagement.

Are hybrid operations possible in the insurance world?

The pandemic has shown the way to the whole world on how hybrid operations are possible. In the insurance world, stronger controls - both technology-based as well as contractual - have resulted in massive outsourcing deals by insurance services around the globe that were more effective and inclusive of human needs, irrespective of whether this was for an in-house team or an outsourced one. Choosing the right partner organization that has a robust delivery method and follows stringent security, BCP, and quality and control standards become critical to design to implement seamless, cost-effective hybrid operations.