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Our People

The ‘Spirit of RRD GO Creative™’ is brought to life by our incredible workforce across Chennai, Colombo, Manila, and Trivandrum in the Asia-Pacific; and Atlanta, Chanhassen, New York, Phoenix, and Portland in the US . Our people are the pillars on which our vision for inclusive growth rests and we are proud to work alongside each other.

Culture at RRD

RRD GO Creative™ has a strong people-first culture. It reflects in our organizational values and permeates our attitudes, beliefs, and goals at all levels. It is our culture of inclusion, understanding, and empathy that makes us an employer-of-choice to the best talent in the industry.

In addition to ensuring that our employees are highly skilled, we place a huge emphasis on their happiness. We treat diversity, inclusion, and physical and mental wellbeing as more than mere tick-box exercises. Our HR teams, along with our employee resource groups, conduct frequent programs covering skilling, networking, community building, as well as health and wellness for people across cultures, gender, and abilities.

RRD provides equal opportunities for all employees. We adopt an open-door policy across teams and experience levels, which ensures that our employees feel comfortable collaborating with their colleagues and managers, asking questions, and overcoming challenges together.

Careers at RRD

We work with a diverse range of clients and businesses from around the world and this is possible due to the skills and experiences that our people to the table. Our talent pool comprises people with varied skillsets, domain expertise, and perspectives. We are committed to the growth and development of our employees and aim to provide them with opportunities to build wholesome, long-term careers.

The open and transparent recruitment process at RRD is designed to enable career pathing that continues across the employee’s professional cycle. Our comprehensive range of training programs helps candidates to explore their unique talents and aptitude. We offer various programs for training, learning, and development in both foundational skills and leadership to create a path to advancement.

Additionally, we offer dynamic internal job mobility so employees can realign their goals, identify roles suited to their evolving skill sets, and move vertically or laterally within the company. Our attractive compensation and benefits program and support platforms comprising healthcare, wellness, education, adoption, and retirement ensure that our employees thrive in their personal and professional lives.

Come, be part of this young, creative, and dynamic talent pool.

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Corporate Social Responsibility at RRD

At RRD, we understand the need for sustainable growth. We adopt a holistic approach to business by fostering close relations with communities. Our emphasis on inclusivity and good corporate citizenship has driven our organizational growth while leaving a positive impact on society. We believe in proactively driving change at the grassroots through Reach, our employee-driven corporate social responsibility wing.

Reach focused on the continuous growth of communities by reducing inequalities and improving community outreach, education, environment, and health & wellness. It has conceptualized and implemented multiple events aimed at providing young adults, persons with disabilities, and transpersons, with industry exposure, acquainting them with corporate culture, and equipping them with vocational training.

Our award-winning impact sourcing model is another key aspect of our socially responsible approach to doing business. In 2014, we partnered with B2R (Business-to-Rural), a for-profit social enterprise that shared our vision of driving real change at the grassroots. RRD has generated more than 153,400 person days of employment through this partnership since January 2015, with 134 full-time workers hailing from 57 villages across Uttarakhand, India. Notably, 50% of those employed are women, which translates to greater financial independence for them and overall community upliftment.


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