Smart Work Solutions

Streamline workflows and simplify processes to make it easier for your customers to work with you

Build collaboration platforms to improve process transparency so your customers don’t pay the price for discontinuity

Apply turnkey solutions that improve business productivity and customer interactions

Are manual processes creating inefficiencies and slowing down service delivery to your customers? Are you at risk of losing business due to error-prone output? Are departmental silos reducing visibility into workflows and complicating collaborations? We can transform your business outcomes by simplifying and accelerating your business processes with our suite of automation and AI-enabled solutions.

RRD GO Creative™ combines human expertise with emerging technologies to offer your customers greater convenience and faster access to services. We automate business processes with AI-augmented solutions so you can meet their desired levels of operational excellence and ultimately, build loyalty and generate additional business opportunities. Explore our core Smart Work Solutions below.

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Productivity Solutions

Maximize a revenue generator’s billable hours by leveraging RRD CATCH™ - A one stop, on-demand, AI-enabled service platform for creative, administrative, and research needs

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Operations Transformation

Agile, customized, and scalable solutions to enhance operational productivity, expedite routine tasks, and meet targets

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Shared Services Transformation

Tech and AI-powered infrastructure with process reengineering and complete digital solutions for a modern finance and accounting system



What is transactional work in an office environment?

Any type of work that has to be performed regularly in an office, and which takes up a lot of time to execute is considered transactional. Attending phone calls, preparing reports, scheduling meetings, updating dashboards and data, or booking hotels for conferences are all transactional work. Though such work is generally beneficial and necessary to the entire office, it does not require highly - paid knowledge workers or business leaders to execute them.

Why is market research important for business growth?

Market research is the foundation of good business strategy. It helps in growth because it identifies and reveals all the important factors that affect the business such as competition strategy, customer sentiments, market trends, product viability, and brand image.

What is a business productivity solution?

Any solution that uses technology, AI, research, or automation to improve a process or expedite a set of processes for the customer’s benefit, is a business productivity solution. Such solutions can streamline and help to standardize operations across the organization, and as a result, make it easy for everyone to work smarter and deliver faster.