Intelligent Automation Solutions

Elevate customer value by combining the power of intelligent automation solutions with process expertise

Automation is a powerful business and customer experience enhancement tool. However, the inherent complexities in standardizing distributed IT systems and collaborating among siloed knowledge centers can derail even the best laid plans for holistic business process automation. And to say nothing of the costs and resources involved in organization-wide transformations.

The good news is that with the right intelligent automation experts, your business can achieve 360° transformation. By bringing together process know-how, lean six sigma expertise, and intelligent automation solutions, we can make your business more streamlined, predictive, and future-ready. But it's not just about the technology. Automation, with an overlay of human expertise, adds nuance and relevance to the transformation so your interaction with technology is simpler and the benefits, sustained.

RRD GO Creative™ brings 150 years of experience in process transformation to your business. Our approach is aimed at identifying and automating processes that drive growth and improve operational efficiency. This is achieved using the following methodology:

  • Discover: Use of RRD GO Creative™s tool for large-scale automated process understanding to increase efficiencies by facilitating the collection of inputs to help build holistic automations
  • Automate: Enhance customer experience, streamline processes and workflows, and reduce manual labor using tool-agnostic automation and a digital workforce
  • Monitor & Measure: Uncover business insights and measure results for continuous improvement using our digital workforce management framework

To know how you can automate your processes to the next level of efficiency, contact us now!

The RRD GO Creative™ Edge

  • IT, business process, innovation, automation, and AI combine to empower a scalable, digital workforce of the future
  • Digital workforce management (a unified governance & surveillance console) manages your entire digital workforce Automation specialists document, re-engineer, develop, and integrate the digital workforce
  • Automated Discovery enables process documentation in just a few clicks by identifying the right candidates for automation
  • An Expert-in-the-Loop model ensures 360° transformation of back-office operations to stay ahead of customer needs

Business Outcomes

Step into the next era of business process efficiencies with our Intelligent Automation Solutions! Business transformation is not easy, never instant; but with our consultative approach to end-to-end automation, you can expect to see a number of benefits:

  • Holistic automation road map
  • Digitization and resilience
  • Efficiency 
  • Transparent ROI

Service Portfolio

Harness the true potential of intelligent automation for meaningful, sustained transformation using:

RPA Assessment - Automated Discovery

RPA Assessment - Automated Discovery

Helps organizations with pipeline generation and identification of the right candidates for automation and sequencing

Development Services

Development Services

Designs high-efficiency, optimal, scalable, and resilient automation solutions

Digital Workforce Management Services

Digital Workforce Management Services

Manages automations across platforms and provides insightful business KPIs for quick action

COE Enablement/RPA Consulting

COE Enablement/RPA Consulting

Helps organizations accelerate their RPA journey by establishing strong processes

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